The company Kaminski - Advies provides mainly social, tax and administrative services in the Netherlands.

The object of the company is comprehensive customer service both in the sphere of Dutch and Polish tax law. Customers who reach us can count on professional and reliable tax advice. We help also in unusual situations that require commitment and empathy. Thanks to the cooperation with the law firm, we can provide assistance in this area.


  • Direct cooperation with institutions of public administration provides us with reliable customer service.

  • We are at your disposal 7 days a week.





When I was a kid, I loved the circus and the most in the circus I liked the animals. My attention was attracted especially by the elephant, which - as it turned out later - was also a favourite one of other children. During the performance, this huge creature paraded, presenting its amazing weight, size, strength ... But after the show and shortly before entering the stage, the elephant always sat tied one leg to pin driven into the ground.

However, the pin was only a small wood piece which stocked in the ground just a few centimetres. And although the chain was strong and thick, it seemed obvious to me that the animal that was able to uproot a tree with its roots could easily free itself from the pin and escape. When I was five or six years old, I still believed in the wisdom of adults.

So, I asked one of the teachers, I asked my father and uncle about the secrets of the elephant. One of them told me that the elephant didn’t run away because he was trained.